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"your entire tumblr career is this absurd experiment of self hatred"- phoebe combee

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Aug 21 2014


tbh a lot of jokes on tumblr that start out funny get rly annoying after a while but none pizza with left beef hasn’t gotten any less funny in like two years and I’m not sure why

Aug 21 2014


Fix Up, Look Sharp » Dizzee Rascal

You better send your best soldiers, 'cos this is Captain Rascal!
More destructive and troublesome than ever

Aug 21 2014


this is a real thing by the real arizona iced tea company so how is it not the aesthetic yet

Aug 21 2014


this plays every time an nge fan goes to hell

Aug 21 2014





there truly isnt a single good musician in this pic

why is boys noize on there twice

Aug 21 2014

Aug 21 2014

Aug 21 2014


The Revolution Will Not be Televised, Gil Scott Heron

Aug 21 2014

Aug 21 2014

Aug 21 2014

Aug 21 2014



mods are asleep post sipping man


Aug 21 2014


Killer Mike is fucking awesome.

Aug 21 2014


clipping. released a Ferguson-inspired song entitled “Knees on the Ground”

This band has a way of taking the listener on a visual journey rather than just an audio one, making the impact of their message even more powerful. They hit nearly all senses. 

I’m this band’s new ride or die. 

clipping.’s statement about the song below

“Knees On The Ground” is a paradigmatic white-cop-kills-an-unarmed-black-kid-and-gets-away-with-it tale — a story that happens all the fucking time in the US. What we have learned — from our first hand experience in Oakland in 2009, and from the media coverage of Ferguson in 2014 — is that the second part of this story involves a police response better suited to a war zone than to an American city. Cops think they’re playing Call Of Duty when they’re supposed to be part of a community. If Ferguson were in Iraq, Obama would have sent in an airstrike already.

This is the least obtuse Diggs’s lyrics will ever get. We’re embarrassed by the timeliness of this track. We do not intend to capitalize on what is, undoubtedly, a terrible tragedy. But journalists make think-pieces and we make songs. Writers write what they know, and this is what we know right fucking now.

Aug 21 2014

spirited away is about rescuing your idiot parents from pig hell, a trial we must all face while growing up